Seize the day, fellow humans

Hello world,

It’s been 3 months since I started this blog. It had been my wish for years to start a blog and pour my heart out on the internet and share it with the world.

I kicked off my 2017 with creating this blog and the enthusiasm and happiness died there since I was in front of the next step: My First Blog post. However, I had no content to make my first post. It wasn’t that I had no ideas to put forth. However, I was obsessed with the fact that I wanted my first blog post to be just PERFECT.

Now here’s the thing about perfection, it is too difficult to achieve. Especially if you are a self-doubting creature whose brain does not have a red light for the multiple thought trains that keep going on until they really screw up and need coffee or wine to re-fuel.

So I was crazy obsessed about my blog being perfect and wanted the perfect content to give it a great start. The problem was, nothing seemed perfect. Not a short story, no poetry, no thought, idea, desire. Everything was missing that something, that element of perfection. I gave a lot of thought to it and finally all it ended up giving me was a headache and disappointment.

I was discouraged and started thinking that maybe starting this blog was a bad idea and maybe I have no idea to put out there and share with the world.

However, this struggle was necessary for me to realise that this blog was never about perfection. It was about me doing something for myself, converting my abstract ideas into realities, making a dream come true, if you may.

We get so tangled in making things perfect, we forget the pure joy and rush that spontaneity gets us and sometimes it’s the best version of ourselves. The thrill of doing something spontaneously is so consuming, the lack of hesitance and worrying about how appropriate or perfect it is, is blissful.

So here’s my first post on an important lesson I learnt this year: seize the day, fellow humans. Do what your heart wishes. Don’t worry about it being perfect or accurate or whatever. If your heart beats fast at the thought of it and excites your nerves and happiness tingles your skin, DO IT!

Hope this inspires you to take those long pending guitar lessons, or start your own blog/YouTube channel or take a dance class or bake something! 

Don’t worry about the world and run behind perfection. Just pour your heart in it and do it!






The Milky Way Dream

My head is up high in the moon and stars

Blue, red and lilac sparks, my hopes and dreams

I dive in the dark inky sky studded with diamonds afar

Icy wind in my hair screams lost in the clouds

Tear stung eyes and a heart as fragile as a rose

Don’t wake me up now, I am almost there

The stars that shine bright burn my layers away

Naked and vulnerable, I keep falling

No wait, I am flying

I am weightless and free, the softest feather

Soaring towards glory

I made it, I made it all the way.

March 28, 2017 : Chaos

I am at the tipping point 

Edge of the earth, on the brink of a destructive war.

A war with self, the end of which I know

An abyssal of nothingness

Numb but not so numb 

Struggling, clawing to stop, To reason

But reason has no place in chaos.

Dark, black, red chaos

I am so close to it, I can feel myself being pulled. 

The flames kicking my face, skin, fear, passion, agony.

But there is something holding me back

Giving me hope when I don’t want it, 

A fraction of me keeping me from slipping away

That fraction is a string, a sigh in my ear, goosebumps on my chest, warmth in my heart.

But it’s slipping, I’m losing.

The cacophony of it all, deafening.


“Let go!” “Stay put!”

The roar of chaos so loud

One internal sound screaming 

“Stay Strong”

But I am at the tipping point, the earth slipping away, the light going dark, the sigh now a screaming wail. 

I am at the tipping point.

Lost to the numbness, never to be found.

First blog post

Start of something new…

2017 starts with one tick off of my bucket list!.

Making this blog has been my dream since I understood the term blogging. This blog is dedicated to all things that I’m passionate about and things that are important to me, be it personal, societal or political or anything under the sun.

As the name suggests, I’m a coffee lover, an avid reader and writer, and a makeup enthusiast and much more.

This is my way of communicating with the world and I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do.